Why I love a sunrise and sunset in Ipswich

Ipswich is best when there's a sun involved. Be it at sunrise or sunset, you can get great photographs in Ipswich!
07 Apr 2017
Robert Skidmore, Photographer

The Great Outdoors

Why I love a sunrise and sunset in Ipswich

If you have ever explored the beauty and culture of Ipswich, be it the night life or every day lifestyle, you know you can’t pass up this wonderful area’s sunrise and sunsets. Waking up at the crack of dawn or heading out late afternoon in Ipswich opens so many amazing views and experiences.

If you are not a morning person then these beautiful locations may just change that, otherwise the sunsets over the Ipswich region are just as magical. Here is just a few that you need to add to your must do list.

South Ripley sunrise

South Ripley Has some of the most photogenic and stunning views for a sunrise. With so many roads leading to stunning views, amazing wildlife and the fresh country air. Every direction offers something new! This area would really excite bird photographers with Bundamba Dalys Lagoon attracting wildlife of every kind. It sure makes for an exciting morning but also the sunset’s in this area are just as beautiful.

South Ripley Sunrise Ipswich

Goodna Boat Ramp

This is a popular spot for locals. The Goodna Boat ramp is also a photographers gold mine. It provides amazing colours and views for sunset but the Sunrise during the colder months is like something out of a movie. The thick fog mixed with the beautiful greens of the water edge make for a stunning view. In the afternoons you can pull up a chair and watch the sun set up stream. The best bit though is that Goodna Boat Ramp is also a great spot for a bit of fishing with the family.



Only a few minutes from Yamanto is the beautiful rural views of Purga. A drive down Middle rd provides some of Ipswich’s true beauty be it open land as seen in this image. A short drive further brings you to Ironbark Ridge Vineyard but the real treat is the Purga Nature Reserve with its raised walkways which allow you to safely walk through one of the largest remnant of Swamp Tea Tree protected in Australia.

It really is a unique experience. In the afternoons you have a wide open view west which always lights up and is quite a view to behold.



Mostly known for it’s fast cars and racing action, Willowbank is also an amazing location for sunsets. With wide open views and many open land locations, It is a perfect spot to watch the sun go down. If you take a fun trip down any of the back roads you will find something different around every corner.


Denmark Hill Water Tower

Probably the biggest showcase for a sunset in Ipswich is here at the Denmark Hill Water Tower. With 360 deg views it makes for the ultimate view of Ipswich and all of it’s surrounds. You can watch the sun set over the Amberley RAAF Base or you can look at the farm lands of Peak Crossing and Swanbank, or with a nice zoom lens or binoculars you can even look at the city of Brisbane, your eye is the only limit to what you can see from this tower.

It is also an amazing way to look at the city of Ipswich as a whole without the need of a plane or helicopter. With a slight stair challenge the only downfall to the top it is well worth the effort and the rewards are views that you and the family have to see to believe.


The locals welcome you

If I had to use two words to describe the city of Ipswich and it’s surrounds I would say “endless opportunities”. Be it a sunset over Willowbank mixed with the roar of race cars or a sunrise over South Ripley and the echo of bird life and livestock, The beauty of nature is everywhere you look. And in many areas the locals are kind and welcoming like the kangaroo’s pictured from White Rock.

Robert Skidmore Photographer
With the encouragement and support of my amazing wife, friend's, family, media outlets as-well as multiple weather and photographic pages. I am self taught and have made photography my chosen path in life that I wish to succeed in. Already in a short few years I have added awards such as the "Heritage Bank Australian photographic awards 2016 winner" and "Ipswich Enviroplan 2015 Peoples choice winner" and also "2015 over all runner up". I am strongly driven to succeed and to share the world in the way I capture it. And an important part of that journey is to share it with you the you, the public.

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