Ipswich’s healthy eats

If you're trying to watch your waistline but want someone else to cook for you, check out some of these healthy-option cafes and restaurants around Ipswich.
31 Jul 2017


Ipswich’s healthy eats

Trying to keep healthy can often be difficult, with a huge array of tasty yet unhealthy food options on every corner. In my regular weekend searches for new cafes, I’ve found that there’s actually plenty of eating spots around for the health-conscious diner in Ipswich.

Market Organics

Saturday mornings are a good time to hunt out the nearest ‘must do’s within the local area, and I’d come across Market Organics in Downs Street, North Ipswich. What a find! I could have quite easily stayed all morning. I could spot the coffee shop at the back of the store from a mile away so I headed straight for it. Within Market Organics lies Evolve Cafe and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were serving one of Brisbane’s best coffee roasters – Toby’s Estate.

After grabbing a little latte, I found myself still walking the isles of the store an hour later. The shelves were packed with everything you could ever imagine. Selections of dairy free, gluten free, nut free to organic milks, oils, butters, ice-cream and even sweet little snacks – it was health food heaven. The fresh produce section was arranged so beautifully, as if it had just been set for a magazine shoot.

Market Organics

After doing the rounds of the store, I thought I would explore the outdoor area. The cafe had an outdoor seating area outside, among such beautiful greenery. I couldn’t help myself but to get another coffee, sit and bask in the winter sun. I was also pleasantly surprised to see how affordable their prices where. Some organic and wholefood stores can be a little overpriced, but not these guys.

The Source Bulk Foods

Source provides a little bit of everything for everyone. With over 400 selections of bulk food options available, there is literally a bit of everything! If you’re a home cook that needs just the one ingredient or 100 ingredients, this is your haven! If it’s just a cup you need or portions in kilos; Source has it covered! I love cooking at home and sometimes the supermarkets just don’t provide that one special ingredient, if they do; the packet is so big and overpriced it just isn’t worth it.


At Source, you can get all the right ingredients in just the right quantities. Did you know they can refill your very own container!? With the way the world is going at the moment and the push for #banthebag, these guys are a huge advocate and are ‘proudly plastic bag free’. They do have containers for you to purchase, if you’d prefer and these too are refillable.

Thirty Seven Cafe

I have had the pleasure of dining at Thirty Seven Cafe on a number of occasions now, and it’s always a pleasant experience. This time round, I had the Muesli Bowl and I will be back to have another one – I’m sure! It was almost too pretty to eat. Full of dried and fresh fruit, yoghurt and honey mixed with a variety of nuts, oats and muesli goodness – I just had to dive in.

Thirty Seven Cafe - Ipswich healthy food

Thirty Seven Cafe has an extensive menu, from the healthy option to the not so healthy – and a menu set out a little differently to your standard layout. It’s segregated into type of food. For example ‘from the Pig’ lists dishes with bacon and ham, ‘from the Garden’ beautiful fresh ingredients like avocado and vegetarian options, and I’m sure an all-round favourite ‘from the farm’ which is a little bit of everything – grain, chicken, pig and garden.

Charlies Raw Squeeze

Yes! A Charlies Raw Squeeze in our Ipswich suburbs – I couldn’t be happier. I have been to most of their other locations in and around Brisbane, but Charlies new location within Redbank Town Square is the closest. I headed out for a spot of shopping and was pleasantly surprised to find the very popular juice bar and the new addition to the family ‘Moo-Free Burgers’ – which I’m yet to try, so watch this space.


Charlies Raw Squeeze

Charlies is best known for their RAW foods such as some of the best Acai bowls in Brisbane and Ipswich, fresh fruit and vegetables, juices, salads, raw treats, organic coffee, Gelato and Nicecream – all of which are gluten free, vegetarian and vegan friendly. The day of my visit, I had a fresh juice but I’ll be back to try the burgers for sure.

Sarah Food Blogger
What can I say .... I just love food! Whether its sitting around my dining room table at home with family and friends, catering for a party, a cute little laneway café, street food at a local market or an amazing degustation dinner in one of the finest restaurants - I just love food! I've recently moved to the Ipswich area, and really enjoying the relaxed pace. Ipswich reminds me of my childhood and growing up in an amongst the country lifestyle - simplicity is sometimes the best!

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