Ipswich By Night

Ipswich at night has plenty of great photographic opportunities! Check out this list of favourite snapping spots from a local photographer!
27 Feb 2017
The Great Outdoors
Ipswich By Night
Ipswich, Queensland, Australia has some amazing and beautiful locations. Whilst it is a fantastic place to explore during the day, for me getting out at night can turn up some really amazing sights as well. What looks normal during the day, magically transforms at night into something much different, now illuminated with a new added beauty.
The following is just a small selection of places to go and see at night in Ipswich to experience this for yourself. Take family and friends along and make a night of it, grab some food at any of the awesome restaurants located all over Ipswich, and if you do want to take your camera, don’t forget your tripod, you’ll need it for the longer shots required at night time.

St Mary’s Church

This icon stands proudly not far from the Ipswich CBD. A great view at any time of day, for me it’s a night, when it’s all lit up, that it really comes alive. I also highly recommend visiting during opening hours and venturing inside, it is simply stunning.
St Mary's Church Ipswich

River Heart Parklands

Less than 100mtrs down the road from St Mary’s, towards the Bremer River, is an entry point to the River Heart Parklands. Opened in 2007, this fantastic area along the river is a great place for a stroll, to take in the area from the viewing platforms, or have a picnic and use the electric barbecues. Highly recommend visiting between 6:30pm and 10pm to see the water and light display.

Also, if you are a Pokemon Go fan, this is the ultimate spot in Ipswich to catch them all. There are many pokiestops in this area.

The Bremer River

From the River Heart Parklands you can walk all the way along the Bremer River to the east. The path is well lit and an easy walk, at the other end it goes into the Water Park, a great spot for the kids on a hot summers day. At night time I find the views along here just beautiful.
Bremer River Ipswich

The Industrial

Ipswich is well known for trains, whether it’s The Workshops Rail Museum or the Queensland Pioneer Steam Railway. At night, you can gain inspiration from this as there are plenty of rail related subjects to find. I found these parked up trains not far from Ipswich Station, at the back of Brisbane Street. It’s always worth having a look off the main streets for that interesting night scene.
Ipswich industrial

See the Stars, Get out of Town!

And finally, something that I just absolutely love to do, go find the stars! You don’t have to go far from Ipswich to get some amazing night skies, and the Milky Way is number 1 on a lot of star gazers and photographers hit lists. The best time of year is winter, make sure you rug up, the countryside can get very cold at night.

Anywhere south of Ipswich CBD is ideal as you are further away from city lights than can make stars harder to see. This is a photograph of the Milky Way rising over Ivory’s Rock, only 15 minutes south of Ipswich CBD.

Ipswich Milky Way - Ipswich by Night
I hope that you find some inspiration from these photographs to get out and see Ipswich in a new light, at a new time of day or rather, night!
Murray Fox Photographer
Murray Fox grew up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and moved to Ipswich in 2008. Falling in love with landscape photography in 2012, he has the goal of becoming a professional Landscape Photographer and is well on his way, winning the Ipswich Enviroplan Photographic competition in 2015 and backing this up with a category win in 2016. His Facebook and Instagram pages display a wide variety of his work, and his Blog shares his journey and details a lot of information for others to enjoy.

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