Ipswich city and country: a tour on two choppers

By road or air, exploring Ipswich city and country is more fun on a chopper!
04 Sep 2018
Mike Hilburger, Photographer


City & country: A tour on two choppers

Having a ride in a helicopter is on a lot of people’s bucket lists. I’ve been lucky enough to have flown a few times, but the thrill never ever gets old.


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As we drive into Limestone Park in the heart of Ipswich city, we see the distinct circled H that signifies a helicopter landing pad, and right on time, the familiar sound of a chopper breaks the morning stillness.

Taking off from the middle of town with Pterodactyl Helicopters allows for an awesome view of the city, and we are taken aback by the size of the city, and how picturesque it is from the air.

We quickly climb to altitude, turn tail and hook it out towards Marburg. Sitting in the front seat is like being in a bubble, the view is incredible and you feel as though you’re just floating among the clouds.


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Before long, our first stop comes into view, and it’s impressive. Woodlands of Marburg is perched up on a hill and is like a shining jewel. We circle a couple of times to get a great shot of the place and then land, and are greeted by one of the new managers, David.


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We get the full rockstar tour as David tells us about the incredible history of this heritage property.

We enjoy a delightful picnic lunch set up in the grounds by Soul Nook Collective which is earning a following for its beautifully styled picnics and bell tent hire. Soul Nook Collective works with Pterodactyl to create memorable picnics in stunning settings. You just have to choose your location and the rest is done for you.


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But this adventure must go on so we fire up our trusty steed for the next leg. Fully expecting to be heading back home, we take off, and just as we cross back over the Warrego, we begin our descent into Haigslea, setting down in a field behind the Sundowner Saloon! Yes, helicopter pub crawls are a thing here in Ipswich!

We down a couple of tasty lagers whilst pilot Paul hits the Double Sars. I love country pubs and this one’s a beauty. After soaking up the ambience, we jump aboard and make our way back to the CBD. Feeling excited after our jaunt, I know tomorrow holds more chopper fun, though this time it’s three-wheeled.


Our Brisbane Trike Tours chariot arrives and picks us up from our heritage accommodation, Cumquat House, for a wind-in-your-face tour of The Swich.

Chrissy is a wealth of local knowledge, and loves to give her amazing machine the beans, much to the delight and squeals of my wife!


Brisbane Trike Tours & Cumquat House in Ipswich

Just like the helicopter, this chopper gives you that immersive, part-of-the-environment feel – you are in the elements, kitted out like a fighter pilot!

There are so many hidden gems in this town, just waiting to be found and explored – and there’s a lot of be said for doing so by chopper!


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Mike Hilburger Photographer
Mikey Hilburger has had a few jobs – including camel breaker, trawlerman and gold miner but it is his 30 odd years behind a camera that have really shaped his life. He has shot for metropolitan newspapers as well as national and international publications, and worked extensively in film and TV – on camera and behind it. He’s also a founding member of the infamous Shank Brothers BBQ team and the mad genius behind Picklehead Pickles. Never a dull moment!

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