Ipswich Art Gallery, Darcy Doyle Place Ipswich

Design and build your very own flying creation to test in the Wind Tubes. See your creation take flight and soar to the ceiling, and defy gravity by hovering high overhead… or just fall to the floor. It’s all about air and invention, with a little bit of mid-air mayhem.

A variety of materials from paper cups to polystyrene balls, streamers, and pipe cleaners provided. Wind Tubes is a fun, interactive exhibition for the whole family.

Bookings Essential. To comply with the Gallery’s COVID-Safe plan, which limits the number of people in attendance at any one time, visitors are required to pre-book a 90-minute session. Your booked ticket is exchanged for a wrist band at the Gallery information desk. Your wrist band allows entry to Wind Tubes in the Children’s Gallery for the duration of the session. A ticket must be booked for each child, and each accompanying adult, for example, one adult with two children, requires three tickets.

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