Mountain Man Headquarters, 379-385 Mount Crosby Road Chuwar

Return to the ‘garden to plate’ philosophy of our grandparents. Embracing not just the health and economic benefits of growing your own but also the chance to be closer to friends, family and community.

Many people are looking for a platform from which to begin their own journey. There is no better example of this wholesome family ethos than a kitchen garden.

From here, Trevallan will teach and demonstrate the foundational knowledge and functional skills surrounding the running of your own successful kitchen garden. So you can not only learn from but be immersed in the complete workings of the potager.

The class will discuss soil preparation, plant selection, propagation, how to get the best out of your garden, how to deal with pests and diseases plus functional and beautiful design.

From that will follow immediate action in the garden where we’ll learn how to treat seeds and seedlings, build soil, compost and to manage existing plantings, and both sow and harvest for extended cropping. There is nothing better than watching fresh produce, sun-warmed from the garden go into the kitchen and return as food.