Ipswich Civic Centre, 50 Nicholas Street Ipswich

Are you ready for take-off?

Ladies and Gentlemen, you're welcome aboard magical airline Up, Up and Away! where only the extremely good looking are eligible to fly! They trust you’ll enjoy the hospitality provided by their cheeky service team, as well as the fabulous in-flight entertainment system.

Travel with Up, Up and Away! in this riotous dance cabaret on a once-in-a-lifetime journey around the world. The sassy stewardesses are your live In-Flight Entertainment System which features more than enough razzle-dazzle from the swing and retro eras to keep you occupied during your fabulous journey.

Join the shenanigans through spectacular dance numbers and captivating harmonies as the crew from First Class, Business Class and Economy demonstrate what never goes on at 39000 feet. In fact, the hosties are far more interested in their own comfort than that of their passengers and you are invited to join their escapades as they leap through the skies on an unmissable musical journey.

“Cabin crew, please prepare the cabin for chaos… I mean, landing…!”