Ipswich Show Grounds, Events Centre, 81 Warwick Road Ipswich

The Family Expo is a solution to a known problem in Ipswich where everything is hidden unless you know where to look. They aim to bring together local businesses that support growing families from pregnancy and birth to tweens and teens and by doing so, create a space where families can find out what the town around them offers within a single day. From product-based businesses to experiences such as music, dance and karate classes, as well as local expert knowledge, they aim to provide as much variety as possible whilst still displaying the many choices available for every stage and interest in the family life cycle. To cap it off, an engaging timetable filled with educational speakers, performances and free classes will be provided on the day, as well as free face painting for all and open-ended play for toddlers and young children.

Saturday 27th April 2024 at 09:00 - 17:00