Ipswich Civic Centre, 50 Nicholas Street Ipswich


MC comedian Anthony Lamond, brings comedy to Ipswich in the monthly Stitch in the ‘swich series.

The opening night is starring Mel Buttle, Ting Lim and local comedian Fran Mulcahy.

Mel Buttle is a hilarious bundle of contradictions, and she’s a package that is rapidly making herself felt in all mediums, right across the country.

Ting Lim is a Singaporean-born beloved favourite on the Brisbane comedy scene. Her dark wit, cutting humour and distinctive style have made her a rising star in Australian comedy.

Fran Mulcahy is an Ipswich local and new on the comic scene. She is an experienced poet and writer and much of her work has themes of inclusion. She describes herself as an intersectional feminist. Her comedy is personal and reflects an interesting life. She enjoys laughing at herself and sharing the experience.