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Some of the most popular questions I get asked all revolve around fertiliser.

How much, when do I do it? Do I really need to do it?

There are a few of us who understand the basics but want more and some of us have no idea at all. This workshop is for everyone.

It’s not only important to have a better understanding of a plants soil and mineral requirements, it’s important to have a deeper understanding and the ability to put this all into practice

I have asked The Mountain Man to run this workshop. He is a passionate plants man and long time craft gardener. His job is making sure gardens are beautiful to use and easy to maintain for his clients. Plus his favourite subjects while learning horticulture at TAFE was soil nutrition! Plant Geek alert!

During this workshops he will go beyond a plants Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium requirements. Beyond the importance of pH and look closely at the how and why of fertilisers.

From basic plant requirements to the benefits of more organic compounds and a look at some pros and cons of commonly used household fertilisers.