Tulmur Place, Nicholas Street Precinct Ipswich

Tulmur Place will be immersed in the Marvel universe over the September school holidays.

Iron Man: Avengers-In-Training-Unite!

Iron Man is busy training the next group of Avengers. Memorise origin stories, stances, mottos and weaponry of their super-hero heroes.

Will you make the grade?

Spider-Man Appreciation Day:
Peter Parker will stop by for ‘Spider-Man Appreciation Day’ to take photos, listen to stories, chant cheers and share facts! When Spidey does arrive, his Spidey sense kicks in and Spider-Man must leave before Peter Parker can take a snap of the super-hero and his number one fan.

They are a COVID-19 safe practicing business. Please be prepared to wear a mask, QR sign-in when required, and practice social distancing.