Mountain Man Headquarters, 379-385 Mount Crosby Road Chuwar

It’s time to immerse yourself in the culture of the Rose. One of the most romanticised flowers in the history of flower cultivation.

Here you can learn how to plant, grow and care for Roses from selection through to enjoyment of your abundant blooms.

Get hands-on as you’re invited to gain valuable experience planting and pruning. All the seasonal requirements for your plants will be discussed along with advice for managing pests and disease. As well as all the tools and products of the trade.

On the day you will learn :
– In depth talk about Rose culture and selection.
– Rose types and how to use them in the garden (design).
– Demonstration on how to plant a rose.
– Tools necessary for rose growing and pruning
– Demonstration of remedial pruning (floribunda).
– Demonstration of seasonal pruning (hybrid tea).
– Demonstration of climbing or wild Rose pruning.
– Illustrate treatment of disorders (including nutrition) and demonstrate as they arise
– Explanation of a good fertiliser regime and demonstrate how to do it.
– Illustrate mulch and irrigation.

There will also be time for Questions and Answers throughout the day.