Ipswich Art Gallery, Darcy Doyle Place Ipswich

This exhibition presents the much-loved Queensland Arts Council posters and program covers from 1981 to 2008.

In most years the QAC commissioned leading Australian artists and illustrators to create the designs, and their original works are a feature of the exhibition.

The exhibition includes works by Bronwyn Bancroft, Drahos Zac, Graeme Base, Gregory Rogers and many more.

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Recent Reviews


Oct 2019

Well worth a visit

The gallery is a good example of how a gracious heritage building, constructed originally as the School of Arts back in the 1860s, can be adapted for a modern purpose. The collection is small but... more »


Oct 2019

Construction zone

Amazing space for kids. Loved coming here today with our children for construction zone and then the ball run. This was an easy fee hours. Loved the artwork too had a sneak peak while dad had... more »


Jul 2019

Come on in!

Been here every time they change the activities for the kids (about 9 times in the last 3 years) - great activities that are super entertaining for adults too! Really good to check out the changing... more »


Jun 2019

Arthur Boyd Exhibition

What a gem of an art gallery, for me it’s just the right size, big enough to spend an hour or so, not so big that you can’t see everything. Loved the Arthur Boyd exhibition, well worth the drive from... more »


Nov 2018

A jewel in the heart of a lost city

The Ipswich Art gallery puts on great shows and most are at no cost. Our last visit the show/ collection was around Australia’s icon houses, but also included some of Ipswich’s Queenslanders. It was... more »