Mountain Man Headquarters, 379-385 Mount Crosby Road Chuwar

As gardeners, love to share what they grow and can often be found out in the gardening doing cuttings for friends or planting out a plant a friend grew. You can imagine then that one of the most common questions asked is “how do I propagate that plant?”

During this Masterclass:
– different plants to propagate
– Plant Breeding Rights and what does it mean to us
– The many ways to propagate and the pros and cons of each
– The morphology and physiology of plants and plant “hormones”
– What Media is best

In this class you will learn:
– How to prepare a working environment and which tools are required
– How to identify softwood and semi-hardwood plants
– Different ways to propagate Tip cuttings, splitting, rhizomes and stems as well as an air layering demonstration.
– How to pot up your rooted cutting to the next stage
– How to mix your own media

You will take home:
– A newfound knowledge
– Your newly propagated plants, created during the workshop

Gourmet picnic basket with dietary options provided for lunch.