Ipswich Civic Centre, 50 Nicholas Street Ipswich

After winning The X Factor in 2016, Isaiah buckled down and released his debut album, anchored by lead single, It’s Gotta Be You. The song quickly found an international audience, racking up streams in the five digits and going double platinum in Sweden, and Norway. The song currently has over 85 million streams!

That was just the beginning, with Isaiah launching a chart attack globally that saw him land coveted spots on Spotify and iTunes charts around the world including Australia (#1 iTunes), the UK, Denmark, the USA, Germany, Canada, and the Philippines. There’s no denying that Isaiah is on fire. The global success of Isaiah’s lead single has also helped the teenager connect with fans from far flung corners of the world.

Isaiah recently represented Australia at Eurovision which was an incredible achievement. Eurovision is the largest Music Television show in the world. Isaiah performed in front of a television audience of over 250 million people finishing top 10! An achievement he will never forget and one that Australian’s are proud of!

Friday 30th August 2019 at 20:00 - 22:00