Over the past 18 years the Ipswich100 Bike Ride has risen from humble beginnings to become South East Queensland’s premier community cycling event.

Held annually in mid-Autumn, The “Ippy100” has held true to its original format with several events departing early Sunday morning to describe a loop before eventually returning by a separate route to the venue.

For the past 10 years the signature event has been the Imperial 100 Challenge over a course of 100 miles (170 kilometres to be exact). The Classic 100 event runs for 100 kilometres, the Fun Filled 50 for 50 kilometres and the Esprit 25 for 25 kilometres. There is also a five kilometre Kids Caper course for children, young and old, held off road within the venue.

For the past decade they have been most grateful to UQ, and more recently USQ, to be permitted to utilise their magnificent Ipswich University Campus as their venue.