Trevallan Lifestyle Centre, 77 Fernvale RD Brassall

Green is the new Black.

Indoor Plants are seriously back in vogue.

Why? Plants are an easy and gorgeous way to style up your living space and they make us happy and healthy.

Some of us are afraid of this trend and some of us just need a little more information. It doesn’t matter if you are a serial indoor plant killer or a Great Plant Parent, this workshop is for you.

In this workshop we look at how you can funk up and restyle your indoor living spaces using indoors plants and creative planters.

We will talk about

What plants are best suited to indoors
what are the latest plant trends
coolest containers
how to group and style your home with plants
how to care for – water, light and fertilising,
troubleshooting and more
Join Brain Sams and Trevallan for this informative Morning turning your drab indoors into a vibrant indoor green haven.