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Ribbons have been used for centuries. The Celtic folk used ribbons as a way of connecting with specific energies much like we do with flowers and crystals. Ribbons were used as people travelled around doing psychic readings on the road and they were easy to carry.

Pagans also used ribbons in many of their ceremonies, such as handfasting at weddings, where couples would have their hands ribboned together as a sign of unity ie. tying the knot, and for dancing around the maypole during pagan celebrations.

Although not commonly used in modern times, ribbons are one of the oldest forms of divination.

Rune stones originated with ancient German and Nordic tribes. Their usage spread across Europe with Anglo-Saxons, and they are still a very popular tool today. The word “rune” translates to “whisper” or “mystery”, which indicates their secrets in predicting the unknown.

Rune stones are used to help individuals to make life-altering decisions. They come in sets of 25 stones, 24 having a symbol from the Elder Futhark alphabet carved onto them and 1 blank stone. Each symbol has a different meaning.

Runes are down to earth, practical and best used to answer questions, by adding the ribbons, the picture becomes clearer as the ribbons indicate the emotions attached to the question and any blockages or obstacles that need to be overcome.