Trevallan Lifestyle Centre, 77 Fernvale RD Brassall

Trevallan invites you to experience a beautiful circle of soul communication.

Claire Roe Wellness Witch will be facilitating this beautiful circle.

She will bring you together into a collective energy body to activate and direct healing as guided.

She will use this circle time to connect with your higher self, guides and greater wisdom keepers and share soul stories so that we can gain better clarity and understanding on our paths.

She has found these channelled soul stories offer clarity as well as healing.

Every session is different but what you can expect through these powerful energy healing sessions:
-Deeper understanding of our thoughts and feelings.
-Clarity around experiences and situations that have been unfolding for us.
-Clearer energy/communication channels with your higher selves.
-Improved connection with our physical bodies through a better understanding of what your body is communicating and how to take action on what we are being guided towards.
-Renewed vitality for life through a clearer and more balanced energies.
-Emotional confidence that comes from a better understanding of self.
-Rekindling of our awareness of connection with all that is. Renewing our understanding of our role in this world and how we co-create with the universe.
-Greater awareness of limiting beliefs and how they have been holding us back.