Trevallan Lifestyle Centre, 77 Fernvale RD Brassall

When Trevallan first began they were shocked and surprised that people thought Camellias and Azaleas don’t grow well in Ipswich! The community believed them to be fiddly and need a lot of care and attention.

One day when talking to the esteemed horticulturist Claire Bickle, Trevallan discovered they both had a love affair of these plants that stemmed from their Grandparents.

Claire describes camellias as the Queen of Flowers and has written many blogs and spoken at gardening shows across Queensland about growing Camellias and Azaleas in the subtropics.

This year we are dissolving garden myths and the first one is Camellias and Azaleas don’t grow well in South East Queensland!

During this workshop, Claire will talk about best-growing conditions, why some cultivars do better here vs down south, how to choose a good plant, common diseases and pests and how to protect your plants most importantly how to care for these beautiful plants.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got an amazing collection already or you want an amazing collection this workshop is for you