Trevallan Lifestyle Centre, 77 Fernvale RD Brassall

2020 was a crazy year. It’s really no wonder so many people felt the stress and pressure of life a little more than usual.

But it’s now 2021 and they are supposed to be coming out the other side. Yet it seems more than ever they are feeling weary, tired, overwhelmed.

To help get back into flow and release some of the overwhelming stress from our life, Lorelle from Dimensional Chakras is coming to Trevallan to share the Three Step Process.

Lorelle understands that the mind can become stuck in worrisome thoughts and may feel overwhelmed, emotional or experience anxious or troubled feelings in your body. There is no Flow.

Flow happens when we can think things through, challenges resolve more easily and have a positive emotional state.

In this workshop Lorelle will teach Three Step Process and then do some real examples to practice getting back in flow with the happy state.