Banshees Bar & Artspace, 131 Brisbane Street Ipswich

Delay 45 is a unique Australian jazz group led by award-winning trumpeter and composer Tom Avgenicos, featuring close collaborators Roshan Kumarage (piano), Dave Quinn (bass) and Ashley Stoneham (drums). Delay 45 play songs and connect them together through improvisation. The result is a fluid exchange between structure and spontaneity, creating an immersive listening experience that traverses various moods, colours and textures. Delay 45’s sound is built upon a deep understanding of each other’s playing that stretches back as far as high school. Their shared history is evident in the way the players seamlessly respond, building on one another’s musical cues and ideas. The group gained recognition among peers, critics and audiences for their debut release Big Ears, and for this performance will be launching their sophomore album Flux.

“a bold new chapter in Australian jazz”. – (Sydney Morning Herald)

Dropbear Lodge are a Brisbane-based progressive-jazz band formed in early 2021 after various studio and live collaborations from its members, in which a common predilection was discovered for alternate frameworks of improvisation, irregular rhythms and challenging composition. Dropbear Lodge and its members Martin Kay (Clarinet/Alto), Zac Sakrewski (Bass), Benjamin Shannon (Drums/Percussion) and James Wengrow (Guitar) seek to explore their common threads, lay bare their idiosyncrasies and be submerged in the sounds that ensue.