Ipswich Civic Centre, 50 Nicholas Street Ipswich

NEW DATE – Saturday 4 September 2021

During an era of more than forty years of music learning, music-making and live performances, Ludy Sigrist has dedicated much of that period to the refining of the Art of Interpretation in Music Expression and that with great emphasis on the Songs, Lyrics and Music of Neil Leslie Diamond.

After seeing and hearing Ludy perform in his ‘Beautiful Noise’ – The Life and Music of Neil Diamond gold standard production while accompanied by his magnificent eight-piece Band including two dynamic backing vocalists, one can only agree that the interpretation, required for the songs of Neil Diamond to be successfully performed, has been successfully executed by a ‘Teamwork of Excellence’.

Ludy takes the audiences on an emotional and dynamic journey of both the music and life of Neil Leslie Diamond as he recounts the experiences of the man and tells the stories behind the songs.

So much does Ludy reflect the true essence of Diamond that audience members often declare that when they close their eyes, “it is as if I am really there listening to Neil Diamond live on stage!’’

The ‘Beautiful Noise’ Show will get you singing, clapping and dancing as it were to many of Neil’s greatest hits including Cherry Cherry, Crunchy Granola Suite, Song Sung Blue, Holly Holy, Soolaimon, Shilo and many more!