Trevallan Lifestyle Centre, 77 Fernvale RD Brassall

Tani’s workshops are designed to introduce mind and muscles to weaving with natural fibres. Whilst there are endless joys in the process, the outcome is a glorious handmade usable piece of art.

Tani believes weaving is a conversation; between the weaver’s hands and the fibres as they twist, but also a conversation with the environment. All good conversations both give and receive. One of the primary fibres used in this workshops is cat’s claw, an invasive climbing vine that devastates native vegetation when left alone. By repurposing these troublesome but beautiful weeds, weaving also becomes a sustainable practice – a chance to give back to the forests. You might take home a little basket with which to collect eggs or hold letters, but success in sustainable weaving is also about what you’ve left behind; a tree able to flourish, a flower able to bud.

The future of environmental conservation lies in our ability to share sustainable ideas and practices together. Weaving and teaching weaving is one way Tani can do that

Come along on Trevallan and explore the art of traditional basket weaving using the notorious Cat’s Claw vine. You will be guided through the techniques of weaving your own unique basket whilst learning how to harvest and help eradicate this noxious weed. You’ll walk away with a beautiful completed basket.