Art Clique, Mountain Scrub Road Tallegalla

Presented by Ipswich Festival 2019 and open 12th to 14th April.

Experience for yourself the emotive and spiritual impressions of the landscape as expressed in the artworks and books of Tallegalla artist and author Lyne Marshall when you visit her Studio and Gallery on Minden Range.

In the atmosphere and solitude of this inspirational workplace you can connect with art and nature, and discover a location truly natural and beautiful. The hidden layers in Lyne’s artwork arise from the joy of travelling to wilderness areas in Australia and they will take you on a journey to mysterious places, where you will experience the colours and designs inherent in the landscape.

Tallegalla is halfway between Brisbane and Toowoomba and located a short half hour's drive from the Ipswich Central Business District. The gallery has amenities and children are welcome. It is wheelchair friendly. Refreshments will be available. Please phone for directions.

Open by appointment only at other times.