Everyday Mums, 191 Brisbane Street Ipswich

Please join us for this unique aromatic experience that has heart healing at its core. This magical session will be a great start to helping you facilitate change, release unresolved stress and change your patterns of belief that are no longer useful.

Where you can change the way you think and feel with grace and ease. The power of smell, the subtle energies of essential oils and the magic of Spirit Breathwork will take you into the realm of changing habits and embracing a reflective inner stability.

Using the powerful healing benefits of Breathwork we can change our neurochemistry. By changing our neurochemistry, we can regulate our nervous system and train our body to cope better with stress, improve our sleep quality, boost our immune system and elevate symptoms of depression and anxiety.

During this transformative Spirit Breathwork session we will use sacred earth medicine, a divine essential oil blend, specifically designed and created for this circle to bring in the re birthing of energy. We will also use ceremonial cacao and guided meditation to connect with the physical, emotional and mental layers of the body and then embark on a somatic journey.

As this journey concludes, you will be guided into the integration process through sound and vibrational medicine.

Everyone Welcome

Sunday 22nd May 2022 at 10:00 - 12:00