Earth Frequency bringing thousands to Ipswich

More than 5000 people will descend on the Ivory's Rock event space at Peak Crossing in February for a festival called Earth Frequency. So what's it all about?
07 Dec 2018
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Earth Frequency Festival: it’s all about the vibe

It’s about to bring around 5000 people to the expansive Ivory’s Rock event space at Peak Crossing, on the outskirts of Ipswich – but what exactly is the Earth Frequency?


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UPDATED December 2018: Discover Ipswich caught up with Paul Abad, founder, director and music manager of Earth Frequency to shed light on the festival which continues to grow every year.

“Earth Frequency began as a small one night tree-plant party in the Sunshine Coast hinterland,’’ Mr Abad says.

From about 300 people at that first humble gathering, the festival had grown to a four-day event attracting thousands.

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So what’s it all about – and is this event comparable to the annual Woodford Folk Festival or other Australian music festivals?

“Earth Frequency is somewhere in the middle from a live band-focused folk festival like Woodford and the more electronic music-focused festivals like Rainbow Serpent and Subsonic,” Mr Abad said.

“Attendees of Woodford would definitely recognise some of our choices of live bands.”

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He said first-timers at Earth Frequency could expect four days to “forget everything from your normal life and to soak up a wide range of live and electronic music, inspiring talks and workshops, visionary art, market stalls and even a kids space with activities and entertainment for kids.”

The carefully selected music line-up was a big drawcard but most regulars kept coming back simply for “the vibe.”

“There’s something special when this many awesome people come together to celebrate life and culture in such a beautiful setting, and there’s definitely a lot of love and positivity at the festival.

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“We also have an amazing venue. Ivory’s Rock, with the best toilet and shower facilities of any festival site in Australia, is a really comfortable place for a festival. There is nothing like having a few home comforts to make your camping experience easier.”

Ivory’s Rock is an easy 45 minutes from Brisbane and 20 minutes from Ipswich.

Artists for 2019 include national and international musicians covering a diverse range of genres from reggae, dubstep and techno to glitch-hop, funk and down-tempo.

The 14th Earth Frequency Festival runs from February 15-18, 2019 at Ivory’s Rock Conventions and Events.

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