Crispy Puff Donuts – only in Ipswich

An original donut brand has launched in Ipswich with a unique - and delectable - point of difference.
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Ipswich’s own donut brand launches

Ipswich has an original donut brand all of its own with the launch of Crispy Puff Donuts – and these are not like anything else you’re going to find in this highly competitive corner of the street food scene.


Crispy Puff Donuts, Ipswich

That’s because Crispy Puff Donuts are actually based on the traditional Greek sweet, loukoumades.

Local restaurateur Matt Tsalikis has added the Crispy Puff Donut window to his popular Hellenic restaurant Arcadia.

He said the loukoumades had always been popular on the dessert menu and he wanted to make them more accessible to Ipswich folk.



Matt Tsalikis, Crispy Puff Donuts

For $9, you receive a box of loukoumades with imaginative – and highly instagrammable – fillings and toppings. You can even add a scoop of Lick! ice cream or Persian fairy floss.



Loukoumades - Crispy Puff Donuts

Flavours include salted caramel; nutella; the PBJ – covered in a smooth peanut butter sauce and topped with a raspberry jam; and a traditional Greek custard version, filled with a semolina custard and topped with praline. There’ll also be monthly specials.


Crispy Puff Donuts window

Ipswich locals began lining up for the treats as soon as Matt opened the window at 37a Warwick Rd, Ipswich next to his Arcadia restaurant –  it will be open from 11am-1pm and 5pm-9pm Tuesday to Thursday until sold out, and 11am-1pm Friday and Saturday.

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