Cooling down when it heats up

Ipswich gets warm over summer! Local MC and blogger Alli takes us through some of her favourite ways of cooling down when things start heating up!
15 Nov 2016
Alli Grant, Writer, blogger, marketer and speaker

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Cooling down when it heats up

In case you missed the memo, it’s hot, officially hot, and I’m still a wee bit shell-shocked by the whole ‘you asked for summer and here it is’ situation. Having only recently moved home after 20 years away, I guess I’d forgotten how warm it gets in Ipswich. My bad. But the good news is that I love summer! REAL LOVE!

Yes, I’m one of ‘those’ people, the kind who would prefer to sweat it out in a maxi dress than freeze under a million layers of clothing. That said, I appreciate a break from the heat; who doesn’t? Recently I decided to go in search of some ‘hot Ipswich weather’ respite, and the good news is that there are plenty of options to escape the heat. Here are my favourite ways to cool down when it really heats up in the ‘Swich…

Hit the Waterparks

It’s no secret that little people can easily lose the plot when couped up in a hot house, so the warm weather is the perfect excuse to get out and about and explore our waterparks! Thankfully, we’re spoiled for choice on the waterpark front, with four (yes four!) sensational options; River Heart Parklands (not far from the heart of Ipswich, right on the Bremer River), Providence Splash’N’Play Adventure Park in South Ripley, Orion Lagoon at Springfield, and Robelle Domain.

Take a picnic, pack the sunscreen, and allow a few hours to explore and play, while simultaneously cooling down. Bliss.

Orion Lagoon at Robelle Domain

Play in the pool

Obvious, I know, but sometimes it’s easy to forget that we have a gaggle of public pools and aquatic centres on our doorstep, perfect for lolling about on hot summer days. And they offer an affordable day out for a family over the school holidays too! Check out the Bundamba Swim Centre, Georgie Conway Leichhardt Community Swim Centre, Goodna Aquatic Centre and Rosewood Swim Centre – all offer up plenty of room to play (or picnic), 25m pools and play areas (complete with water cannons and fountains) for the kids.

Hit the shops

I seriously don’t need an excuse to shop, let’s just say that if shopping was an Olympic sport I’d be its Ian Thorpe, but when the mercury soars into the high 30’s there’s no finer place to be than in the cool comfort of an air-conditioned shopping centre (surrounded by shoe shops). And as a bonus, you can shop while you’re there. Winning!

Head to Riverlink, Redbank Plaza, Booval Fair or Orion Springfield Central next time you want to escape the heat (and stock up on new shoes, because a girl can’t ever have too many shoes, right)? Did I mention I love to shop?

Explore your cultural side

Another fabulous way you can escape the heat, while at the same time exploring your cultural side, is to make a date to visit the Ipswich Library or Ipswich Art Gallery. Not only do both destinations offer icy cold air-conditioned comfort (sigh), there’s also so much to do while you’re there – head to their respective websites to learn more about the many free (and low cost) activities on offer, from author meet and greets at the library through to the Ball Run and Construction Site at the Gallery – a great way to keep the kids entertained over the Christmas break.

Enjoy an icy cocktail

If you’re after an ‘adults only’ way to cool down (did someone say ‘kid-free time’?), I have it on good authority that the Pumpyard sells a frozen drink called a Frose. What’s a Frose, I hear you ask? Good question. Well, I’m yet to sample one of these bad boys, but it’s … wait for it … a frozen rose spritzer using local Flinders Peak rose. Yum! Oh, and it’s just $9. Just sayin’.

Pumpyard frose

Take in a flick

Where else can you sit in beautiful air-conditioned silence (well, unless you’re in a kids’ movie, but that’s a whole other story) and enjoy an icy-cold choc-top but at the movies? Check out what’s on at Limelight Cinemas, with Tuesday specials offered. An excellent way to keep the kids entertained and chill out (literally and figuratively) in the process.

Kick it old school

There are certainly many fabulous (and fancy) ways to cool off when it heats up in the ‘Swich, but if you don’t have it in you to pile your family into the car and head to one of the many super-duper options noted above, you can kick it old school. Simply pop your togs on, whack on a hat, throw the kids into the yard and turn on the sprinkler, or chase the kids around the yard with the hose. Sometimes the simple things in life are the best, right?

There’s no more quintessentially Aussie way to cool down than playing in the yard with the hose or sprinkler, is there? And, best of all, you’ll get to connect with your little people and have a good, old belly laugh in the process.

There’s no escaping it – the hot weather is well and truly here. Instead of getting your ‘it’s too hot’ whingy pants on, why not use the temperature change as yet another excellent reason to explore what Ipswich has to offer?

Alli Grant Writer, blogger, marketer and speaker
Alli, a prodigal daughter of Ipswich who returned after 20 years away, is passionate about exploring her city and sharing its secrets. A writer, blogger, marketer, and speaker, Alli is half of local digital marketing and communications agency

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