Checking out the Marburg Show

If you're after a great country show to check out, don't miss out out on the Marburg Show in Ipswich!
02 May 2017


Checking out the Marburg Show

Marburg is a small country town situated around 50 minutes from Brisbane, and halfway between Toowoomba and Brisbane along the legendary coaching company Cobb & Co. route. This year, the Marburg Show will be on from May 11-12

This quaint little town is home to a mere 600 residents, most living on acreage outside the main town centre, and is where I grew up on my family’s property. Needless to say, I am very biased that it is indeed the cutest town ever, however, it can claim fame as being the “Friendliest Town in Queensland” a title in won it 2008, so maybe I am not so biased after all.


More about Marburg

The town’s two main streets are lined with beautifully restored heritage buildings including the former town bank now housing the Community Centre, the Rosewood Scrub Historical Museum, the Scotland Yard Antique Centre, the iconic Marburg Hotel aka the Marburg Pub built in 1879 and the Queensland Heritage listed Woodlands of Marburg built in 1890.

Marburg is also famous for its Marburg Dances held every Saturday night, where people travel hours to attend, simply turn up at the Show Hall at 7.30pm for a night of dancing, supper and often a raffle to benefit a local organisation – CUTEST THING EVER!

Marburg show

The township has a big community, and even though I now live closer to Brisbane, I love heading home for the weekends to visit my family and partake in the cuteness that is Marburg.


Marburg Show

In 2016, I grabbed together a few of my friends and we headed out to the Annual Marburg Agricultural Show, held over two days in May. Some of my greatest memories as a child was running around the showgrounds having water balloon fights with my sisters and the local children, going on rides or waiting to see who was going to win the prized ham at the end of the night.

My family and school also took part in entering in the show, and I remember winning awards for my neat handwriting and stories in the school literacy sections, but the highlight of the show was always our entries in the children’s cooking competition in which we were unbeaten for many years with our Grandmother’s scone recipe.

Marburg show

Now before I get into sharing some photos from the day, I must first warn you that after this post you may want to take a goat home with you. Well, after my day at the Marburg Agricultural Show, I am convinced that my parents should get goats for their property, and I will come visit with them and love them all dearly!

My favourite was by far the Anglo-Nubian Dairy Goats, they are just ADORABLE with their floppy ears, doomed face and friendly natures but who am I kidding (pun intended) I want them all. I think my parents still need some convincing but I am working on it.



Nostalgia definitely played a big part in getting together some friends for a weekend back “home”, but a winning motivation that got everyone intrigued was not only the novelty of attending a country show but with the promise of another town favourite – The Marburger!

The Marburger is a gourmet burger created by the Marburg State School and is a community event staple, piled high with beef pattie, bacon, egg, cheese, pineapple, beetroot, tomato, and lettuce, I don’t think it gets any more delicious or Australian than that. Needless to say, it was a winner by all accounts.


I think what really gets me excited about going to these country shows is it reminds me of my childhood, I grew up running around the paddocks wild and free. Seeing all the different types of animals and all the different breeds really took me back to a carefree time and the simple pleasures of growing up in a small town.

We had everything you would expect from a pet sheep to a peacock, I knew how to ride a horse at an early age, I trained my pigeons to be handled and do tricks, and my sisters and I got chased up the road by “Raptor Chickens” (think Jurassic Park 2 and all the long grass).


The Marburg Show is also a big part of our family. My Mum is the secretary of the Show Dog section and my Dad has a large involvement with the Show Chicken section, and I love going around and seeing what they have organised or learning about what makes a good specimen of each breed in order to take home the prize. Both took home some good wins on the day, and it was really cute to go around and see their prizes and their success.

No show day is complete without the staple items to check out in the main halls. I love viewing the HUGE pumpkins, the cooking, flowers arrangements and the tapestries and wish I too had the talents of these people. My Grandmother actually entered all the local shows with her flower displays, and I was lucky enough to inherit some of her display bowls, so these too hold a keen interest to me.


I guess it really is our heritage that makes us who we are, and I am proud to have been brought up in the “Friendliest town in Queensland”. So, should you be looking for a fun family day out make sure to remember the Marburg Agricultural Show. Or even if you are looking to take a drive West of Brisbane to see what the Great South East has to offer, make sure to drop into Marburg, you won’t be disappointed!

Kacey Yates Blogger
Kacey is an Ipswich local, born and bred in the country town of Marburg in the beautiful Ipswich countryside. Kacey’s blogs can be found at where she share her love of all things vintage and sustainable. Kacey loves to explore cute coffee shops, rummage through thrift stores, and share how to live life simply, in the most adventurous way possible.

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