Tea trail to celebrate International Tea Day in Ipswich

When is a drink more than just a drink? When it’s tea of course. Enjoy a brew with this Ipswich Tea Trail.
28 Nov 2019
Discover Ipswich, Staff Writer

This International Tea Day, Sunday December 15, Tranquil Tea owner Dona Perera is encouraging people to celebrate by enjoying a brew with loved ones.  Ms Perera said tea has been a drink of choice for people all over the world for 150 years.

“People all over the world drink tea.  It can bring people together.  It is very versatile and can be used in many different ways,” she said.

Ms Perera started Tranquil Tea to re-ignite her passion for the traditional drink and specialises in importing black and green Ceylon tea as well as infused teas with fruity and spicy flavours.  She also regularly hosts tea tasting events in her Tivoli gardens.  

“I love tea,” she said.  “You can add it to red wine and make a cocktail, cupcakes and perfumes and you can use it to flavour meat.  It can be used at any time of the day for any event.”

International Tea Day was introduced in 2005 in India to address wages and fair prices for small tea producers.  It started important conversations such as working conditions and the rights of women in plantations, these days the movement is looking at issues like climate change.

“This International Tea Day we celebrate the growers and their contribution whilst supporting continual improvement in working conditions.  There is a growing number of tea drinkers who are mindful of the chemicals and additives in their daily drink and looking for natural teas that are grown and harvested ethically.”

Ms Perera will be hosting two Ceylon Tea Tasting events at the Ipswich Visitor Information Centre on International Tea Day. One at 10am-11.30am and another at 2.30pm-4pm.  Cost is $6 per person, book online or phone 3281 0555.

Here’s how to enjoy a great cuppa in Ipswich…

Dinmore Cottage

Dinmore Cottage

Dinmore Cottage is a beautiful little teahouse serving up fine loose leaf teas and delicious food.  Here you can enjoy a high tea or just a great cuppa. 

They have a huge variety of tea available: English breakfast, Irish breakfast, green tea, rooibos Kalahari, Russian caravan, camomile soother, peppermint refresher, chai masala, lemon and ginger, fruits of the forest, lady bergamot, earl grey, lemon myrtle, witches brew, rosehip, ginger kiss, China jasmine imperial, caramel magique, blood orange, peach and pineapple, dandelion root.  They also have Blooming teas in jasmine, strawberry and cream, chocolate, rose, peppermint, lavender, mango.

Little Mode Cupcakery


Serving up delicious Tranquil Tea as well as impressive cupcake creations, Little Mode Cupcakery is a great place to sit back, unwind and let the world pass you by.

On the tea menu is English breakfast, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, pekoe, silver tips, golden tips, soursop, green tea, pomegranate, lime and lemongrass, green tea and soursop, ginger and mint.



A cup of tea is all about relaxing and taking a moment to be present.  Dovetails offers the perfect location on the deck overlooking a park.  Choose from English breakfast, earl grey, lemongrass and ginger, green and peppermint teas.


Tea and scones at Fourthchid

Fourthchild is a funky cafe in the Ipswich Top of Town precinct, set inside a historic building there is a range of teas on the menu including traditional styles like earl grey, chamomile and peppermint as well as green tea, forest berry and orange pekoe.  In fact there’s 14 different types on the menu including iced teas.

Woodlands of Marburg

Woodlands of Marburg

Woodlands of Marburg is a great place to enjoy a brew.  Sit outside on the deck under the shady tree and take in the country views.  

There’s plenty of choice to keep you satisfied including loose leaf Mary Stuart English breakfast, lemongrass and ginger, green mint, jasmine, chamomile, peppermint and chai.

Heritage Coffee Corner

Heritage Coffee Corner, Ipswich

Set inside the Ipswich Antique Centre the Heritage Coffee Corner takes it’s tea very seriously with a huge menu to choose from.

They serve up English breakfast, Assam bold and earl grey black teas as well as white lotus peak tea.  On the loose leaf menu is chai blended tea, darjeeling, fruity infusion (orange peel, hibiscus, apple and rosehip shell), rose red (dried apple, hibiscus flower and rose petal), lemon, camomile, peppermint, green, green and lemon and rooibos.

Tranquil Tea can be found at six cafes around the region including the Ipswich Visitor Information Centre, Woodlands of Marburg, Trevallan Lifestyle Centre, Little Mode Cupcakery, Chapters Bookshop and Wine Bar, Fourthchild and the Royal Hotel at Kalbar.

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