How to get boutique beer, wine and gin delivered to your door

Boutique beer, wine and gin delivered right to your door with these local brewers, distillers, wine makers and restaurants.
08 May 2020
Josh Kerr, Ipswich Trekker

So it’s 2020 and the entire planet has decided to hit the pause button and sting us with a mild biological disaster. So far so good. Right? Wrong! Like many of us you might be starting to realise a staggering deficiency in your lack of hobbies that aren’t related to going out and spending money.

So what on Earth is a social butterfly, a creature of the beer garden or a wine connoisseur to do?

Introducing, beer and wine deliveries from our finest establishments, right to your door. The following has been carefully considered and selflessly selected by yours truly. The research was intense but I’m willing to make these kinds of sacrifices for the good of the people. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

These are the beer and wine delivery systems from local vendors, keeping us sane during Covid 19.

The Pumpyard


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Beer and ice cream is a winning combo. Having wholeheartedly agreed with that statement I’ll assume you to now realise the significance of what I’m about to tell you.

Both craft beer brewery the Pumpyard and their neighbours Ungermann Brothers are open. Yes that’s right. Both of them.

So wipe away those tears sweet people of Ipswich, a trip through town via 88 Limestone is still as it always was, with the finest in craft beers and bacon flavoured ice cream ready and waiting. Just don’t come near me, breathe or make eye contact.

Delivery and takeaway options from The Pumpyard and Ungermann Brothers– a shining light in the darkness.

Give them a call for details – Pumpyard: 3282 9076, Ungermann Brothers: 3281 4038.

Bakehouse Steakhouse

Bakehouse Steakhouse hamper

As a frequent customer of Bakehouse Steakhouse, I technically didn’t have to sample the service in order to write this one.

But I’m an ethical food journalist now and wouldn’t dare attach my seal of approval to anything that hadn’t been rigorously tested first-hand –  at least that’s how I’m justifying it.

Anyhoo, long story short you can pick up a freshly constructed steak and wine hamper from Bakehouse and bring that puppy home for supper. Simply follow the supplied instructions for final preparation and you’ll have yourself a feast!

I promise you won’t mess it up. I didn’t, so that makes it impossible.

There are various hamper options available and for wines, I would personally recommend the shiraz which was superb. Give them a call on 3281 8132 to order or check out their social media for options.

Memories of India

Memories of India

I don’t really remember India. But I’ve also never been there.  Kinda makes sense.

Well if these guys are anything to go by, the service is impeccable, the curry: so spicy and the refreshments, refreshing. So I’ll be going there first thing post Covid.

But in the meantime, our very own Memories of India continues normal operation through takeaway options with wine, despite the burning hellscape of the apocalypse.

If I’m not mistaken it appears to be the perfect time for a social night in. With your cats. Don’t push it.

Call on 3418 3369 to order, see the menu here.

Ballistic Springfield

Not to be outdone, the new kids on the block over at Ballistic Springfield Brewery, Bar and Kitchen have implemented their own multifaceted beverage perseverance program. Or BPP for short.

Step one, purchase beer. Step two, beer comes home. Step three, beer is drunk. And just like that, your very essence will combine in a beautiful symbiosis of yeast and human, to ride out the darkness before the dawn. 

Thank you Ballistic, my beer levels were getting dangerously low.

The following pack should suit nicely and maybe even serve as an icebreaker for ongoing conversations with Wilson. Who is definitely not a volleyball.

Paradine Estate Wines

Paradine Estate Wines

Have you heard the news? There’s wine hiding about in this field over at Harrisville. Yeah I know, it’s like just sitting over there by itself.  What do you mean it can make its way to me? Is it sentient?

You know what, I don’t even care. I’ll drink it anyway.

Yes Paradine Estate Wines will continue their tradition of producing and distributing wines, even if we’re not allowed to sit in the park and drink them. So Covid or no Covid, there hasn’t been a better time for wine to shine and these here wines, they’re some of the finest in the land.

To make a takeaway order, give Paul a call over here and if you’re nice, he might even make you a pizza.

Prince Alfred Hotel

PA Hotel

Oh mighty beer hub that is the Prince Alfred Hotel. We give thanks for this bounty we are about to receive.

From your hallowed halls into our hearts and homes, let the golden hues flow and we shall rejoice, in total adherence to social distancing regulations.

With 72 beers on tap (for growlers and squealers), a Harry Brown liquor store next door, meat boxes and delivery options, what more do I need to say?

Give them a call on 3282 1577 to make an order, see the menu here.

Imbibis Gin

Imbibis gin

As a wise man once said: “Aint no pandemic gonna keep me from my gin”.

And he sipped, and it was good.

Now that we’ve gone and gotten ourselves a fresh new distillery, producing some pristine, local Ipswich gin, you best believe it will be consumed.

Imbibis Gin distillery is doing deliveries of both their gin AND homemade, World Health Organisation compliant hand sanitiser made with the help of the Ballistic Springfield Brewery. So saddle up townsfolk, it’s time to sanitise everything, inside and out. Jump online here or here to make an order.

Heisenberg Haus

Heisenberg Haus

Mmmmm. Das ist gud ja? Ontz zee gudest Deutsch bier ontz ze land.

As you can see, I’m fluent in the Deutsch and as an authentic Bavarian man I can conclude that Deutsch beer is best beer.

Heisenberg Haus is offering takeaway options for all their usual menu items and beer (recently they had BentSpoke Brewing Co options), just give them a call on 3143 2303 and make it happen. For a limited time only, receive your very own yodelling, German child named Gustav with each purchase. Not really. But I thought it would be cool.

Thanks again for stopping by for yet another exclusive update on life inside the radiation zone.

Support local business, stay safe and treat yourself to a drink. Cheers.

Josh Kerr Ipswich Trekker
Josh ‘The Bear’ Kerr, is an Ipswich local, hiker, tour guide, photographer, fitness instructor and most recently, Ipswich’s Google Trekker. Having grown up in the area since age 7 and quickly becoming involved in the outdoor scene, he would eventually put these skills to good use trekking almost all of Ipswich and its surrounds for Google Maps. What would ensue, is some of the most comprehensive mapping of any city in the southern hemisphere, from our historic streets and suburbs to our most rugged mountain peaks. “After 8 grueling months and over 3 million steps, Ipswich is finally on the map!”

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