31 Nicholas Street‚ Ipswich

Trottie Becke is an Aladdin’s Cave of eclectic finds that has been operating in Ipswich for 25 years.

Alexis Cornish has been running the shop since 2015 having taken the business over from her parents who started out with an antiques shop in Limestone Street. Mum Julie is still a regular behind the counter there.

In the early days the shop had sold full length medieval wedding dresses and the like but the range had expanded over the years to include various boho fashion labels, lots of jewellery and accessories, and homewares including a colourful array of ornamental plant pots.

And with three people in charge of the buying there was always a range of new and diverse stock coming in.

The unusual name comes from an old Royal Dalton plate back in the family’s antique shop days. It had a chap in a frock coat and top hat who they learned was Trottie Becke but the reference later turned out to be a misspelt Charles Dickens character, Trotty Veck. By then the former had stuck and they kept it.

  • Non Smoking
  • Shop / Gift Shop