7 Photo Spots in Ipswich

Not long after moving to Ipswich, I invested in a decent camera (another great decision) and one that had me out seeking places to capture. Photography in Ipswich is ever changing and very interesting and never too late to start.
31 Oct 2016
Donna Isaacs, Photographer

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7 photo spots in Ipswich

Ipswich has been the perfect place to raise my children, grow and learn whilst meeting the community and working alongside other volunteers. It was the inspiration and support of the people who run the Tivoli Drive-In Theatre that was a major catalyst for part of my story of photography in Ipswich.

I studied photography at school and always had a love for taking photos. Not long after moving to Ipswich, I invested in a decent camera (another great decision) and one that had me out seeking places to capture. This opened my eyes to the otherwise ‘invisible’ attributes of the city and I kept exploring. Native flora along walkways and roadsides, had I been driving past these all along and missing them? There was one thing, however, that I became obsessed with – the Ipswich sunsets.

After taking literally hundreds of photos, I needed somewhere to put them. Enter Instagram. While it’s not the only photo-sharing site I use, it was a great way for me to share all of these captures of Ipswich. Eventually, I also wanted to share the local discoveries of other people I knew, and so started the Ipswichhub account. I had a very specific idea about what I wanted the Ipswichhub to emanate. I wanted it to be about the community I had experienced personally, and about the everyday person of Ipswich. This was my place for people who enjoyed sharing Ipswich as much as I did.

7. Storms

There are amazing opportunities in Ipswich to capture storms. Whether you’re learning photography or an experienced photographer Ipswich being part of South East Queensland will give you some of the most amazing moments to capture storm clouds and lightening. This particular photo was captured at the top of the stairwell at the Bob Gamble water park.


6. Orion Lagoon

I don’t consider myself a long time resident in Ipswich and the Lagoon has been here a shorter time than I have! Perfectly combined with the water play park on the other side and the music light show at night.

This is where I bring my visitors firstly and my parents favourite place when they visit, it’s where my teenager will head to have some friend time. The splash park always has a great family atmosphere with a place to kick a ball and have a BBQ as well as a place to enjoy a coffee or maybe an afternoon glass of wine in the cafe.


5. Pine Mountain

Pine Mountain is (what I consider) an undiscovered part of Ipswich and part of a project I am working closely with Galene Park owners to bring a safe but challenging wild side to outdoor captures for social media live streams and photography posting. A place iconic to Ipswich. Known as project #Getoutandwalk


4. Anywhere I can relax

Sometimes, Mum needs to chill. Making the most of these moments is still easy to do as once again the sky over Ipswich explodes. Cheers.


3. Cunningham Highway

Do you ever just pull over for this? Sometimes I don’t have a destination and take the Cunningham Hwy heading East and will find little places to pull the car over and shoot.  This was taken outside the service station on the Cunningham Highway just out of Yamanto, where I stopped the car and could hardly wait to capture the sky. It’s happens sometimes.


2. Ivory’s Rock

Another favourite spot is Ivory’s Rock and the area of Peak Crossing.  A great location of a sunset drive stopping to watch the sky change colour and the endless flat typically Australian outback plains leading to the mountains of the Great Dividing Range on the horizon. You’ll capture some gold here even with phone, cloud or no cloud this is a must see.


1. Old water tower

My number one favourite Ipswich location for a sunset is the old water tower located in north Ipswich. Part of The Workshops Rail Museum the tower makes a great foreground for a cloudy sunset picture.  I would take the kids for a walk along the Brassall to North Ipswich walkway and hurry them along as the sunsets, normally breaking into a little sprint as the colour fills the sky, three young children in tow who by now know the drill very well.  It’s a great benefit that they can take their bikes or scooters!


Cue the song, we’ve only just begun.  Only the week of writing this I went to the newest splash and play park in Ripley to my children’s delight.  I’m always complimented on my journeys with my children and Ipswich suits as well as it grows, it brings more places for us to explore. More places for the children to enjoy and more opportunity for everyone. With that and changes the seasons bring, it makes photography in Ipswich ever changing and very interesting and never too late to start.

Donna Isaacs Photographer
Donna Isaacs grew up on the beaches of New South Wales and moved to Ipswich to raise her four children, knowing just one contact in the city and having never been here before. Today, Donna is the founder of Instagram's @Ipswichhub account, while also volunteering at the Tivoli Drive-In Theatre and being a member of the Ipswich Show Society. Donna's manta is 'the more you put into a community, the more life will thrive'.

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