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Well, as I learned, there are a tonne of great things to see and do in Ipswich. So, Brisbane and Gold Coast, this blog post is for you. Here are a few things you probably didn’t know you could do in Ipswich!
31 Oct 2016
Phoebe Lee, Travel Blogger

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16 things to do in Ipswich

I read some life advice from the Dalai Lama recently, which included this tip; ‘Once a year, go somewhere you’ve never been before’. With those words came images of visiting places like Sweden, Brazil and other exotic destinations. It never occurred to me the ‘somewhere I’ve never been before’ could be somewhere close to home.

It also never occurred to me it could be Ipswich. Brisbane and Gold Coast locals may have dismissed Ipswich as a destination to visit, feeling it doesn’t have enough to offer a discerning weekend warrior. Well, as I learned, there are a tonne of great things to see and do in Ipswich. So, Brisbane and Gold Coast, this blog post is for you. Here are 13 amazing things you probably didn’t know you could do in Ipswich!

1. Grab breakfast at Rafter and Rose

Breakfasts don’t come more beautiful and delicious than those served up at Rafter & Rose. This cosy, cool cafe is a welcoming and very charming spot where you can get your paws on great food, like their brioche french toast served with real maple syrup, ice cream and fresh berries.

You’ll find their cake cabinet calling your name, offering slices too big to eat alone. Not only is the food fabulous, the cafe itself is gorgeous and they serve great coffee to boot!

2. Op-shop up a storm

Shopping doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Some of the best wardrobe items can be sourced from a great thrift shop, which keeps both your inner fashionista and your bank account happy. Ipswich has a tonne of awesome op-shops, just waiting to have their racks explored by savvy shoppers.

Check out the Lifeline Superstore East Ipswich (80 Jacaranda Street), Salvos Ipswich Family Store (133 Brisbane Street), Ipswich Red Cross (32 Downs Street), Lifeline Shop North Ipswich (Riverlink Shopping Centre) and AWLQ Ipswich (189 Brisbane Street). The are plenty of others, you’ll spot them just by walking or driving around the heart of Ipswich.

3. Have lunch and a cold beer at the Pumpyard

Grab lunch at Pumpyard, a historical and very cool spot specialising in great food and even better beer! On-site you’ll find 4 Hearts Brewing, producing small quantities of very delicious beer, crafted without any nasty chemicals, additives or preservatives. It’s the ideal spot to get your hands on a hearty lunch, like their pulled pork burger, spicy chicken wings or maple smoked chicken salad, paired with a fresh, cold beer.

4. Check out a hidden art exhibition

From the outside it looks like your average art supply store, but step inside Art Time and make your way to the back of the store you’ll find a small space dedicated to art exhibitions. It’s a great chance to support local artists, get a dose of culture and possible scoop up a beautiful piece of art. Of course the store also stocks a huge range of art supplies, so stock up or, if you have the time, join one of their classes or workshops!

5. Catch a weird film at Goleby’s Basement

Beneath Art Time, tucked down West Street, you’ll find Goleby’s Basement. A super-cool, historic space with a steampunk fit out. It can be hired as a studio or event space, but also transforms into an underground movie theatre (among many other things, including a burlesque and life drawing space). They show quirky movies you just couldn’t catch anywhere else, like George Romero’s 1968 classic horror flick, Night of the Living Dead.

6. Spend time in Queens Park

Get a dose of the great outdoors at Queens Park. This sprawling space provides the perfect setting for a lazy afternoon picnic or a few fun hours spent playing on the playground. The park also has a Liberty Swing, which enables wheelchair users to have a ride too. Take some time out to just relax under the shade of a tree then stroll the gorgeous Japanese Gardens before making a visit to the Ipswich Nature Centre where you can meet wombats, bilbies and quolls.

7. Explore the Ipswich Antique Centre

You’ll find the Ipswich Antique Centre housed in a 1985 Heritage Listed building, packed with beautiful and interesting antiques. It’s the perfect spot to see some really cool historical bits and pieces and, if something takes your fancy, scoop up a piece of history yourself. Downstairs, you’ll discover vases, artworks, lighting, mirrors, collectables and more. Wander up the stairs to discover a treasure trove of vintage fashion, from Xanadu-style dresses to gorgeous vintage hats, bags and racks of beautiful dresses, skirts and shirts.

8. Have a picnic at Kholo Gardens

Scoop up some fresh produce at a local market or store then take the 10 minute drive from the city centre to the Kholo Botanical Gardens. This peaceful space offers up gorgeous gardens and views of the Brisbane River, perfect for sprawling out on a cosy picnic blanket, soaking up the sun and nibbling on delicious treats.

9. Visit Watercress Creek Olives and Limes

Originally established as a dairy farm in 1862, Watercress Creek Olives and Limes is now home to some 1,200 olive trees and 400 Tahitian lime trees. This beautiful spot produces a whole lot of gorgeous, fresh products you’ll want to stock up on. You can buy olives by the kilo, bottles of olive oil, salad dressing and balsamic glaze, lime cordial, chutneys, jams and more. They also hold an annual Olive and Lime Festival, a must-visit for food lovers.

10. Check out the Ipswich Festival

Held annually, the Ipswich Festival celebrates the community in spectacular fashion, making it an event well-worth the short drive from Brisbane. The festival explodes to life with fireworks, live music and performance events. You can sample food from all over the world, spend an afternoon in the park with food and wine, get your hands on a wide range of arts and crafts, explore markets and be immersed in a welcoming, fun and friendly festival atmosphere. There’s so much more to see and do than I can list here, but keep your eyes out for the announcement of the next festival and be sure to check it out!

11. Take part in a Flying Food Safari

Yes, you read that right, there’s a flying food safari and it’s happening in Ipswich, run by Pterodactyl Helicopters. Climb aboard a helicopter and set off for a day of amazing food, wine and sightseeing. The itinerary is carefully crafted to showcase the best local produce, wine and beer of the region, giving you the opportunity to see, do and experience more in one day than you could any other way. Honestly, it has to be one of the best ways to do a foodie tour!

12. Stock up on fresh produce at Peak Organics

You’ll find Peak Organics on 600 hectares of land at Ivory’s Rock property. Its fruit and vegetable gardens, olive grove and citrus orchards are tending by hard working volunteers who love gardening in this peaceful place. The produce here is exceptional, making it a great spot to stock up on flavoursome, wholesome fresh food like pumpkin, kale, lemons and limes, garlic, oranges, sweet potato, lentils, rice and much more.

This article originally appeared on Little Grey Box.

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