11 dishes putting Ipswich on the food map

What are the standout dishes on Ipswich’s dining scene? We’re glad you asked. Here are 11 delicious to try right now.
Natascha Mirosch, Blogger


11 Ipswich dishes you should have already tried

What are the standout dishes on Ipswich’s dining scene right now? We’re glad you asked.


While we couldn’t round up every single one, here are 11 highlights that are helping put Ipswich on the map for south-east Queensland foodies.


Tonkotsu ramen

Tonkotsu ramen at Hikari, Springfield Central

…at Hikari

The ramen love continues worldwide. Slurp your way through a big bowl of steaming, springy noodles with slices of pork, a creamy soft-boiled egg, bamboo shoots and nori seaweed. Hikari’s ramen broth is simmered for a minimum of 9 hours and comes in the traditional ‘shio’ (salt) shoyu (soy sauce) miso or spicy versions.

1 Main Street, Springfield Central

The Reuben Bagel

The Reuben Bagel at The Yard on Glebe, Ipswich

…at The Yard on Glebe

Named for a poker play friend of the Nebraskan chef-inventor, the classic Reuben, is served on rye, but this dinky little suburban café offers a lighter version, in a toasted bagel. All the other elements; pastrami, sauerkraut, cheese and a tangy Russian dressing are present and deliciously correct.

Shop 1/175 Glebe Rd, Ipswich

Pitiala chicken

Pitiala chicken at Indian Mehfil, Ipswich

… at Indian Mehfil

Butter chicken is so 2016. Ipswich Indian adventurers’ go-to is Mehfil’s authentic Patiala chicken – named for the Punjab hometown of head chef Pitamber Dutt. Its allure comes from tender chicken cooked on the bone and served in its rich spiced sauce and ginger garnish. This is a sure-fire finger-licking contender for Ipswich’s best chicken dish.

116 The Laneway, Ipswich

Brisket loaded fries

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… at Dusty’s Bar & BBQ

A new Brooklyn-born chef is keeping it real at Dusty’s. He’s introduced a couple of new dishes including these epic, diet-busting, loaded fries. Beef brisket, marinated and brushed with bourbon while being slowly smoked is hand-pulled, then served atop fries, with cheese and sour cream upping the calorie count.

215 Brisbane Street, Ipswich.

Bratwurst hotdog

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… at Heisenberg Haus

No radioactive-red supermarket hotdog sausages here. Heisenberg’s primo version of the American classic is given a German makeover, with a thick, juicy and flavoursome bratwurst sausage, swiped with a mild mustard and piled with sauerkraut and a side of fries. Also available at Heisenberg’s little sibling, Tighty Whities.

164 Brisbane St, Ipswich

Summer ale icecream

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…at Pumpyard Bar & Brewery

Yes, we got a little emotional when the bacon ice-cream sandwich disappeared in Pumpyard’s latest menu reboot, but they’ve replaced it with another old favourite – their own Four Hearts-brewed ale ice-cream. If you’ve never considered beer ice-cream, we reckon you’ll find it’s a game changer, especially when it comes drizzled with their malt syrup.

88 Limestone Street, Ipswich

Brioche French toast

Brioche French toast at Rafter & Rose, Ipswich

…at Rafter & Rose

Let’s not fool ourselves, Rafter and Rose’s colourful brioche French toast is a pretender- a dessert by any other name masquerading as a breakfast dish to trick us into imagining it’s healthy. To be fair, there is fruit, but there’s also ice-cream, sweet sliced brioche and lashings of maple syrup.

1/17 Ellenborough Street, Ipswich

Nutella cheesecake

Nutella cheesecake at Fourthcild, Ipswich

… at Fourthchild

With a rotating selection of chocolate cheesecakes, it’s hard to choose, but we reckon Fourth Child’s Nutella cheesecake just pips the others at the post as a favourite. What’s not to love about a base of crushed Oreo biscuits and a soft, mousse-like filling made from cream cheese and everyone’s favourite hazelnut spread?

6/126 Brisbane Street, Ipswich

Pumpkin seed icecream

Pumpkin seed icecream at Ungermann Brothers, Ipswich

… at Ungermann Brothers Icecream Parlour

One of Ben Ungermann’s most popular flavours among the 15 he debuted with at his Ipswich ice creamery is also one of the more unusual.  It’s a creamy, slightly nutty number, flavoured with Slovenian pumpkin seed oil on a vanilla bean base. You can have it in a cone or cup, or go all out and try a tasting plate all prettied up with edible flowers and accompaniments.

88 Limestone St, Ipswich

Grecian Delight panna cotta

Grecian Delight panna cotta at Arcadia, Ipswich

… at Arcadia restaurant

Savvy regulars know to save room for Arcadia’s signature dessert. A delicious riff on Turkish delight, it’s a perfectly wobbly rose-scented panna cotta served with a pistachio crumble. Thanks to its crowning cloud of pale yellow saffron fairy floss, it’s been nicknamed ‘the Donald Trump dessert’.

37 Warwick Road, Ipswich


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… at Crispy Puff Donuts

Right next door to Arcadia – through a window at the side in fact, you can take your donut game to the next level with these superior Greek versions served warm with peanut butter and jam; salted caramel, or Nutella; or more traditionally, filled with thick custard and topped with a shard of praline. You can even up the ante with a scoop of Lick! ice-cream.

37 Warwick Road, Ipswich

Natascha Mirosch Blogger
Natascha Mirosch has been writing about food for 20 years and as many kilos both here and in the UK. She's been lucky enough to interview some big names in food, including Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver and Heston Blumenthal. When she's not eating her way through local cuisine on some other continent, she's in her own kitchen trying to figure out a way to make low-cal food taste good. https://www.extravirginmag.com/

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