10 Secret gram-worthy spots

Some epic photograph opportunities are in Ipswich, here are the gram-worthy MUST visit sites!
08 Mar 2017
Phoebe Lee, Travel Blogger

The Great Outdoors

10 Secret gram-worthy spots

If you love weekend adventures, discovering new places and taking beautiful photographs, a trip to Ipswich needs to be on your to-do list. Aside from a fantastic food, art and cultural scene, Ipswich also offers some spectacular scenery and gorgeous sunsets.

It turns out, a short drive from Brisbane and the Gold Coast, some pretty spectacular spots are waiting to be discovered. To help you find the best, here are 10 secret Instagram-worthy spots in Ipswich.


Capture cracks of jagged lightning, tearing open the sky, smears of deep purple clouds surrounding them. You’ll find plenty of open space in Rosewood, the horizon dotted with mountains and trees jutting out fro the Earth.


A storm among the hills. Captured north of Rosewood Australia as lightning strikes the mountain side.

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Pine Mountain

For sweeping views and dramatic sunsets, visit Pine Mountain. You’ll find the sky a vibrant blue, whips of bright pink and orange clouds feathered across it. The views here are fantastic, offering a lush green bushland and the occasional horse nibbling at the grass.

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St Mary’s

Jacaranda see’s St Mary’s come alive with vibrant purple on branches and spread out on the ground like a luscious lilac carpet. The stunning St Mary’s Church provides the perfect prop to the bright green grass, in-bloom Jacaranda’s and vibrant blue sky.

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For the perfect spot to test out your astro-photography, head out to anywhere in Purga, including the Purga Nature Reserve. The light pollution here is minimal, making it ideal for long-exposure shots capturing the night sky all light up with stars and, if you’re lucky, the occasional meteor shower.



Lions Lookout

You’ll find Lions Lookout at Queens Park offering some of the best views of Ipswich. Watch the afternoon sky come alive with vibrant hues of red, orange, pink and blue as the sun dips behind the horizon. The views here are absolutely stunning and perfect for capturing jaw-dropping photos of Ipswich.


Some of the most stunning sunrises in Queensland can be captured at Willowbank. Photograph the gorgeous, golden early-morning light as it peeps over the horizon, bursting through clouds. In the afternoon, pink pastel hues light up the sky, wallabies dotting the horizon, old air force planes abandoned among the grass.

First electrical storm since I've been here

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Flinders Peak

When it comes to finding picture-perfect locations for nature photographs, it’s hard to go past Flinders Peak. You’ll find bright green, wide-open spaces, plenty of lush trees adding to the drama of the Australian bushland and gorgeous mountains jutting out of the Earth. If that weren’t enough, the sunsets here are also something to behold.

Denmark Hill Water Tower

Keep things simple by visiting the Denmark Hill Water Tower. This spot offers the perfect vantage point to capture the sunset, offering sweeping, panoramic views over Ipswich and beyond, right out to Brisbane, where you can catch a glimpse of the skyline on clear days.



The Workshops Rail Museum

For unique images, head to The Workshops Rail Museum. This place is a playground for big kids and their cameras, not just little kids eager to learn! Snap images of the trains, the old yards and even some stunning photos of old buildings and dreamy pink sunsets out the back.


Thanks @s7irthem! Amazing picture of The Workshops after the storm. #discoveripswich #ipswichqld #theworkshopsrailmuseum

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White Rock

It’s well-worth hiking in the White Rock Conservation Estate, to find stunning, wide open views of the incredible Queensland bushland. You’ll be treated to some pretty spectacular sights and plenty of spots to snap some Instagram-worthy pics of bright blue days or even a gorgeous sunrise/sunset.



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