7 Ipswich desserts you must try this year

Got a sweet tooth? Cheat day? Whatever the case behind the craving for dessert, head to Ipswich and try these 7 epic sweet treats!
11 Apr 2017
Chloe Warne, Blogger


1 Ipswich desserts you must try this year

There are few things in life that command our respect and admiration as powerfully as dessert. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a green juice every now and then. But, to be honest, a hokey pokey thick-shake topped with sugar donuts, caramel syrup, fudge and butterscotch crumble will satisfy a hungry tummy in a way liquefied spinach never could.

I’m pleased to report there are a number of great options for the dessert-obsessed, especially those looking to try a new location. From sugar-laden favourites to bliss balls and raw treats, here is a list of ten desserts to try in Ipswich.

Deann’s Coffee House

Deann’s Coffee House is a 1950s-styled establishment serving all-day breakfast and lunch. This place has a serious retro vibe with pastel furniture, vintage televisions and appliances and Elvis and Marilyn pictures covering the walls. Deann’s caters to those with a serious hankering for homemade comfort food. Take your pick of cinnamon scrolls, savoury french toast, jam swiss rolls, tea cakes or a piece of mouth-watering Vanilla Slice.

Deann's Coffee House Ipswich

Dancing Bean

Dancing Bean roasts their own coffee beans in an industrial-decorated space in the Top of Town. Not only is that effort put into coffee, but also into their sweets. From Malteser Muffins to Raspberry, Almond and Frangipani Tarts, their chef’s masterpiece of Chocolate Mud Cake with Mocha Truffle Icing is beyond what dreams are made of. I was a huge fan of their house-baked Portuguese Tarts!

Dancing Bean Ipswich

Heisenberg Haus

This family-owned German restaurant in the Ipswich CBD is a funky, expansive space with exposed brick walls and every alcoholic drink you can think of. Besides gigantic plates of schnitzel and pork knuckle, Heisenberg Haus is gaining a serious following for it’s traditional Apple Strudel with ice cream and custard. Or should I say Apfel Strudle? You might also want to pick up a pretzel on your way out. You won’t regret it.

Heisenberg Haus Ipswich

Lotus Cafe

Lotus Cafe never disappoints. The food and staff are always exceptional and aside from serving the most mouth-watering Eggs Benedict you will ever have, their healthy sweets are also a huge hit. I recommend a slice of the Lemon Sherbert Raw Cake. Though the Chocolate Sour Cream Cake with Raspberry Buttercream or Apple Crumble Waffles aren’t bad either. Actually, I recommend them all.

Lotus Cafe Springfield Waffles

116 Laneway Cafe

Two words. Freakshake Milkshake. 116 Laneway Cafe are the absolute pros when it comes to creamy delights. Their milkshakes are topped with ice cream, hardened syrup, salted caramel popcorn, chocolate bars, glazed donuts, whipped cream and every other sugary product you can imagine. They’re a treat, certainly. But they’re worth it.

116 Laneway Ipswich - 10 desserts you must try this year

Fourthchild Cafe and Restaurant

Not only does Fourthchild Cafe and Restaurant offer beautiful desserts, they also create made-to-order gourmet cakes. From Gryffindor themed birthday cakes to multi-tiered wedding cakes with all the trimmings, this is a special occasion go-to. If you’re popping by for a meal, their standout sweet is the Rosewater Brûlée with Orange and Pistachio Shortbread.

Fourthchild Cafe Ipswich

T N Coffee

The little T N Coffee cafe in Springfield serves a range of classic breakfast and lunch options as well as what they call ‘Extreme Milkshakes’. From experience, this is a title to be taken seriously. The height of these drinks are actually doubled by the amount of ice cream, fairy floss, cookies and other sweets that are piled on top. Thankfully, Spring Lake Park is only a couple of minutes away for a walk.

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