6 epic Ipswich breakfasts!

Ever thought of eating your way through Ipswich? Here's 6 epic breakkies to try.
09 Mar 2017
Chloe Warne, Blogger


6 epic Ipswich breakfasts!

These days the breakfast stakes are high. Of course, brekky has always been our most nutritionally important meal of the day, but it’s now also the most researched, talked about and photographed. It may surprise outsiders to learn Ipswich is absolutely brimming with top-notch breakfast spots well worthy of a drive from Brisbane or the Gold Coast.

Whether you’re an Acai Bowl devotee or Big Brekky enthusiast, there is something for everyone on this list of six epic breakfasts in Ipswich.

6: Thirty-Seven Cafe & Restaurant

The gluten-free yoghurt and granola bowl at Thirty-Seven Cafe is visually stunning and has you totally covered for a morning carb and protein hit. It’s like eating spring-time in a bowl! Every dish at Thirty-Seven is instagrammable, especially the waffles, and the gorgeous retro decor makes this cafe a joy to visit.

Thirty Seven Cafe Ipswich

5: Rafter and Rose

Rafter and Rose is one of the most delightful cafes I have ever seen and a place I want to return to again and again. It’s situated in a brick laneway behind wrought iron gates and is surrounded by vintage lamps, flowering pot plants and just general loveliness.

The Big Brekky Stack is a huge platter with eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, hashbrown, haloumi and sourdough bread – perfect for the start of a busy day. There is also an impressive selection of cabinet sweets for those with a little room left for dessert.

Rafter-and-Rose-Ipswich - 10 epic Ipswich breakfasts

4: Homage

Homage at Spicers Hidden Vale continues to knock it out of the park. Breakfast on the deck of an historic homestead with views over the Great Dividing Range? Don’t mind if I do! Everything on the Homage menu is exquisite, however the wood smoked gammon steak, soft egg, gentleman’s relish and sourdough is truly something to wake up for.

Spicers Hidden Vale

3: Fourthchild Cafe Restaurant

If you’re craving a big breakfast, Fourthchild is where you need to go. Their creation is called the Grande Breakfast and it absolutely lives up to its name. An impressive plate of eggs your way, bacon, tomato, sausages, mushrooms and wilted spinach on either turkish bread or sourdough. What more could you ask for? If you’re like me and often think you can handle two breakfasts of a morning, the Pancakes Suzette is a real treat.

Fourthchild Pancakes Ipswich

2: Ellen and Rod

Ellen and Rod is the perfect spot for your morning caffeine fix. Owners Jolie and Pete roast their very own incredible coffee, True Grit, at their intimate cafe on Ellenborough and Roderick Streets. The buttery mushrooms with thyme on pumpkin sourdough is phenomenal and highly recommended. Polish the morning off with a slice of banana and nutella bread and you’re good to go!

Ellen and Rod, Ipswich

1: Lotus Cafe

The team at Lotus Cafe are absolutely smashing it. And I don’t just mean the avocados. These guys are producing standout go-to brekkies like pulled pork eggs benedict, smothered in hollandaise and apple slaw. Each dish hits all the right notes and is bursting with colour and flavour. Lotus Cafe has me truly embracing the old adage, eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper, the vegan-friendly Bircher muesli is also divine!

Lotus Cafe Springfield
Chloe Warne Blogger
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