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Ipswich Parks & Gardens- Perfect for picnics!
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Parks & Gardens






Queens Park was the first park to be developed in Queensland, first being surveyed in 1842. Its original architectural  design dates back to 1862 and is perhaps Ipswich's most well known landmark... more


Nerima Gardens seeks to capture the elements of      a Japanese style garden whilst retaining a distinctly Ipswich identity through the use of  local plants including rare and endangered species ... more

  Next to Queens Park, is a brilliant space for sporting enthusiasts.  Here you'll find walking/jogging paths, playing fields, an athletics oval and the mega Doris Howell's Netball Complex... more

Located on the banks of the Brisbane River, the picturesque gardens, with large open spaces   and meandering boardwalks through bushland and sub tropical rainforests, are an idyllic haven for visitors... more

  An absolute must-do stop as you travel from Ipswich along the Cobb & Co Tourist Drive, the park is home to the moving "Babies of Walloon" memorial commemorating Henry Lawson's poem about the tragic ... more   River Heart Parklands is another fabulous destination for outdoor enthusiasts.  The recreational reserve on the southern bank of the Bremer River in Ipswich Central is a local favourite for early ... more

Did you know… The 3km recreational cycling trail at Hardings Paddock Picnic Area provides a wonderful opportunity to travel through scenic countryside without the stress of road traffic.