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Grandchester- Grandchester?s railway heritage is preserved for today?s visitors
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This quaint village earned its special place in Queensland history when, in 1865, the first section of railway built in the Colony was completed between Ipswich and Grandchester, then known as Bigge's Camp.

The railway would eventually link the rich Darling Downs to Brisbane and, as it expanded, settlers soon followed. Townships sprang up around the new stations all along the track as railway workers, farmers and shopkeepers and their families settled throughout the region.

Much of Grandchester’s railway heritage is preserved for today’s visitors to enjoy. Its charming railway station building is the oldest surviving example in Queensland, and its square water tank is a reminder of the days when thirsty steam engines were frequent callers.

Visitors can also experience the days of the steam engine at Grandchester’s Model Steam Railway (open the first Sunday of each month from 10.00am to 3.00pm) by riding scale models of steam (and diesel) locomotives.  

The Grandchester Sawmill was established in 1940 and powered by an old C17 locomotive steam engine. Other notable attractions include the railway gatekeeper’s cottage, the railway dam, Bigge's Camp Park and the town’s historic cemetery.

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