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Art & Culture- Everything from historical paintings to modern masterpieces.
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Arts & Culture

All kinds of performing and visual arts are thriving in modern Ipswich. From painters, photographers, dance troupes, poets and cult film fanatics through to quilters, model makers, sculptors and film-makers Ipswich is nurturing the creative juices of artists of all persuasions.
The result is a region vibrant with cultural offerings at any time of the year. Week-long festivals or weekend exploration will both satisfy your curiosity and give you an insight into the cultural heart of this amazing city and its varied surroundings. After all, some parts of Ipswich embody the busy cosmopolitan city life, while others encompass semi-rural idylls. Posing an equally wide range of inspirations for our artists’ inner lives as it does variety for our guests.
Myriad galleries, theatres and cultural venues are scattered throughout Ipswich, including Council's own Art Gallery in d’Arcy Doyle place and performing arts venue the Civic Hall on Nicholas Street in Ipswich Central.

With its strong heritage culture, multicultural population and community lifestyle, Ipswich is always coming together for festivals and events. Street fairs and cultural celebrations are the centre points of the busy events calendar but there are always glorious counterpoints with special live music events and outdoor movies.

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Did you know… The Ipswich District was producing award-winning wines in the 1890's.  This tradition is continued by the vineyards and wineries along the Scenic Rim Wine Trail.