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Queens Park
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Queens Park

Goleby Avenue, Ipswich QLD 4305, Australia

Queens Park is full of possibilities for kids on the move. Located in the heart of Ipswich, Queens Park boasts a wide range of activities to keep even the most energetic occupied.
+61 07 3810 6666

Bring a picnic or grab something from the Queens Park Cafe during the day, but come ready to explore and enjoy. The Children's Playground is a favourite for kids of all ages with a flying fox, fixed model train and the revolutionary Liberty Swing, a new concept in playground equipment for people with disabilities allowing children in wheelchairs to enjoy a swing.

The Ipswich Nature Centre has exotic and native animals. Then there's the world class Frank Manthey Bilby Burrow where endangered bilbies and spinifex hopping mice can be viewed through a specially designed enclosure.

The Environmental Education Centre shows how to be 'green' and has a wealth of information about other fun local action such as bush walks, bird watching spots, canoeing trips and picnic areas.

When in need of a quiet moment, the tranquil Japanese-themed Nerima Gardens is a calming cultural experience and a peaceful place to relax after a full day of active play. Both Nerima Gardens and the Nature Centre are closed on Mondays except during school holidays.

Features of the park:
...- Ipswich Nature Centre & Ampitheatre
...- Nerima Gardens
...- Environmental Education Centre
...- Lions Lookout
...- Bush Chapel
...- Queens Park Nursery
...- BBQs, gazebos, rotundas & shelters
...- Playground featuring Liberty Swing
...- Recreational pathways & open kick around area
...- Tennis, lawn bowls & croquet clubs

Download a map of Queens Park

Download the Queens Park Brochure

Directions: Travel into Ipswich Central and then:
...- Turn left into Milford Street from Limestone Street (travelling West-bound); or
...- Turn Right into Milford Street from Brisbane Street (travelling East-bound).
Our Opening Hours are 24 hours per day (though only selected areas have lighting). - Please click on the links to the various park attractions for their specific opening times.

Location Map