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Nerima Gardens
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Nerima Gardens

Queens Park, Ipswich QLD 4305, Australia

A tucked-away gem at Queens Park is Nerima Gardens – a Japanese gardens in the style of those in Ipswich’s sister City, Nerima.
+61 (07) 3810 6666

Here, you’ll appreciate the serenity and aesthetic beauty of the winding paths, pretty flowers and a model traditional Japanese tea house. The constant sound of flowing water ensures you feel rejuvenated by this contemplative heaven.

The garden is designed to take advantage of the existing vegetation and landform of Queens Park in such a way that the visitor is taken on a journey of discovery, where the perspective of the garden changes and lightens the heart.

Nerima Gardens seeks to capture the elements of a Japanese style garden whilst retaining a distinctly Ipswich identity through the use of local plants including rare and endangered species.

The garden is a picture of the local environment and how Ipswich fits within South East Queensland. The first stage of the garden portrays the ocean with latter stages to be added that will portray more closely the character of the Ipswich region, its rivers, mountainous peaks and vegetation.

Download the Nerima Gardens Brochure

Directions: Travel into Ipswich Central and then:
...- Turn left into Milford Street from Limestone Street (travelling West-bound); or
...- Turn Right into Milford Street from Brisbane Street (travelling East-bound).
...- Turn left into Goleby Avenue and then right at the intersection in the Centre of the Park.
...- Continue past the Queens Park Nursery to the right.
...- The Entry Gate to Nerima Gardens will be on your left.
Our Opening Hours are Tuesday to Friday (9am to 3:45pm) and Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays (9am to 5:45pm) during Summer and Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays (9am to 4:30pm) during Winter.

Location Map